Please Note:

Wilkes Child Care Resource and Referral Trainings Registration forms are required for all training.

No phone registrations will be accepted.

Please be considerate and on time for all classes.



 A training calendar will be made available online.

 Quarterly calendars of upcoming trainings will be sent out to child care facilities.

Registration may be done by filling out the registration form and turning in the

appropriate payment to WCPC no later than 24 hours prior to the schedule

training date. Phone, or faxed registrations will not be accepted.  The 24 hours

prior to the scheduled training date procedure allows participants to register but

does not guarantee that the class will be held.

 Participants are encouraged to register early for classes. Trainings that do not

have adequate registration 72 hrs prior to the scheduled training date will be

canceled. A minimum of 5 participants is required for each class.  

Training fees will be $2.50 per training hour.  Any exceptions to fees will be noted

on the training calendar. All money will be paid in exact change or by check

payable to Wilkes Community Partnership for Children (WCPC).  Cost of

individual trainings is noted on training calendar.

If a child care provider does not give 24 hour notice when canceling registration

for the training the fee will be forfeited.

 If a training is cancelled for any reason (lack of participation, trainer illness,

weather. etc.) WCPC will credit the participants with a voucher to use for another

training event. A cash reimbursement option is not available.

 WCPC expects that all training participants shall arrive on time. Class starts on

time and late entrance is not allowed. A ten minute grace period is allowed.

 WCPC training participants will receive a certificate of completion for training.

Participants should expect follow-up technical assistance visits with WCPC staff.

Participants should contact the Wilkes County Health Department at 651-7469

for information on registration or fees for CPR/First Aid and other health related

Onsite trainings are available, but limited and based on the instructor’s schedule.

A minimum of 10 participants is required.

Children are not allowed to attend trainings in order to provide optimal training

Wilkes Community Partnership for Children views the time of the instructor and

all participants as valuable. Any participants talking, texting, sleeping or any other

distractions the instructor deems disruptive may be asked to leave the training.

This will result in the loss of potential credit hours. The participant will not be

allowed to register for future classes after the second incidence.

Revised September 2015, Effective October 1, 2015